July 10: Meetings, Learning, Reading, Packing and Fundraising!!

It’s the beginning of July, my departure date is quickly approaching and I feel like I am running around like a headless chicken!

For those of you who have not traveled with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is not just getting shots and packing up a mega traveler’s backpack! Oh no, I have been busy preparing for my upcoming departure to Malawi enjoying coffees and ice creams with different members of the Montreal EWB Chapter (rough I know!). Doing this gives me a chance to get to know the people who were kind of enough to make it possible for ME to go to Malawi in the first place. Plus, they are much more experienced with the EWB theories for *more* sustainable development. And even with a Bachelor’s Degree in Development, I still have a ton to learn!

So, I have also been busy considering some of EWB’s classically tough questions like: is aid helpful or harmful? What is systemic change and how can I contribute to this goal? What are leverage points for change in Malawi’s WatSan Sector? Plus when I get a minute or two (especially on that painfully long 470 bus ride into Montreal!). I am reading some classic development books like ‘Guns, Germs and Steel’ and ‘When Things Fall Apart’.

I also had a blast at my first of three fundraising events which was held in Montreal at Randolph’s Board Game Pub! The support from the EWB team, Rotaract, Blue Drinks Montreal and of course my lovely friends was more than I could have asked for! And now I can look forward to seeing friends and family in Ottawa this weekend and in Winnipeg next weekend for nights of bowling and pizza! If you are interested in contributing towards EWB work in Malawi, but not able to attend one of the events, why don’t you consider making a contribution towards this fundraising site: https://enable.ewb.ca/meganfirth

And now you will have to excuse me as I finish up my homework and get those bags packed! More to come soon, like the answer to your burning questions about what I will be doing, my thoughts on development, and a bit about Malawi!


PS: I would absolutely love to have this blog act as a conversation, so please please please take a minute after each post and say something in the comments section. A question, comment, or even just a hello!


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