October 17: Fun Stuff in Malawi

A picture heavy post about some of the fun things I have been up to Malawi over the last 2.5 months!   20140905_08495420140905_100838 20140905_084413

Exploring Lilongwe’s Nature Sanctuary. I thought the gun was unnecessary until we started exploring the hyena dens (pictured above) and heard the story of the man who was eaten by a crocodile of the banks of the reserve!


Baking elaborate chocolate cakes with friends!


Exploring the grounds of one of the strangest buildings you will find in Lilongwe, a donation from China. 20140914_053442 20140913_06095520140914_01002220140914_04551720140913_06325520140914_01461020140914_021159

Kuti Wildlife Reserve where I did a game count and saw no live animals during the count. Only a snack skin. Luckily I saw some other animals like camels and a baby giraffe while I was just walking around the park!


Me enjoying British chocolate bars!

20140904_11555220140927_053404 20140927_053417

Picking up my new shirt from the tailors. This gentleman was featured as one of the best tailors in Lilongwe, despite the tiny size of his shop!


Eating lots of outdoor meals on beautiful patios.


Much to the initial surprise of all of the Malawian’s present, this was my first football (soccer) match. Once I started asking questions about the size of the field and how they cut of the grass I think they realized I was not joking. While watching televised sports has never been a hobby of mine, Malawians can sure keep the excitement going and it was a pleasant night!


Chasing a beautiful sunset with my coworkers on the ride back into the city.


Trying new Turkish foods (I am thankful to be in Lilongwe where I have plenty of tasty food options!).


5 responses to “October 17: Fun Stuff in Malawi

  1. Love to see all the places you have been through pictures. Did you carry a gun with you in the reserve or it was a ranger?

    Thanks bear!


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