November 24: Daily Life – Part 2 Battling Malawi’s Creatures

Before I moved to Malawi, EWB kindly sent me a Power Point called “Deadly Snakes of Southern Africa” and instructions on what to do in case of a bee swarm (lay down on the ground until the pass). So naturally I thought I would be battling some dangerous creatures during my five months in Malawi!


So far, have not seen any snakes (outside of a zoo) or bee swarms. Although it is important for me to mention that they do exist in Malawi, and are probably much more common in rural areas.

Turns out, my daily battles are actually with: ANTS!


The pictures below are of the destruction caused to the concrete floor of my house by ants.

20141106_001159  20141106_001142

These little guys are actually ants the size of a grain of rice, yet they are able to burry (eat?) their way through concrete!

‘Doom’ – a bug killing powder is a necessity!


The photo below shows an example of all of the baseboards in my house, laced with Doom powder to try and ward off any ants looking for a place to stay.


So while the ants are destructive, and bite (although not very hard) they have just become a part of my daily life. And I would take ants over a black mamba anyday!


5 responses to “November 24: Daily Life – Part 2 Battling Malawi’s Creatures

  1. That is madness, I never realized an ant could do that to concrete!

    Glad you haven’t saw any snakes…I’ve heard them here in Spain during hikes, they make me quite nervous!


    • It is still surprising after 5 months to see the damage they do! I forgot to add to the post that I heard at a Sanitation Conference last week that communities have problems with latrine collapses because of ants! Yikes!


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