December 5th: My Daily Life Part 3 – Laundry

For many Malawians laundry is something that I believe warrants any amount of complaining deemed fit. It often includes getting water, filling buckets, adding soap, a time consuming process of scrubbing your clothes together to get any dirt of, wringing out the water, dumping and refilling bucket with clean water, washing soap of clean clothes, re-wringing, hanging on a clothes line, taking off clothes line, ironing (everything including underwear), folding and putting away.

While I have had the pleasure of learning how to do this task while living in Zanzibar, I have to say clothes washing in Malawi is very different for me. My house hires a man to come over 3 days a week to clean. He also washes my clothes. He does all of the steps I listed above for me. All I do is buy the soap, gather my clothes pay him $1.25 and then put away my perfect cleaned and pressed pile of clothes when I get home.


I am extremely thankful to this gentleman who does all of this work for me.



2 responses to “December 5th: My Daily Life Part 3 – Laundry

  1. Interesting post for sure!
    I like that they press everything there as well. Pressing is super serious here in Spain as well; Borja’s mum presses pyjamas which still seems strange for me.


    • It was a bit strange in the beginning, it is really nice. People here are very careful in the way they dress, I am by far the worst dressed in my business casual business clothes in the office. I had a couple of suits made just to try and keep up!

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