Settled Into Luska

Here I am again. That dreaded ‘first’ blog post, the one that I hope to be interesting/witty enough that you will want to keep reading a year’s worth of posts. But… I figured that since today is exactly one month since I landed in Lusaka Zambia – my procrastination has to stop!

Therefore I am putting all of my ideas for blog post topics on the side for a moment. Instead, this I am just going to use this post as a brief update:

I am here Lusaka with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Canada. I will be working as a business development consultant with Business Development Services Africa (BDSA) with the large agri-business NWK.

I am happy, healthy and finally settled into my apartment and the NWK office.


20150611_185440 20150611_185505

All my furniture has finally arrived (as of tonight) – so happy!

Thanks for following along!



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